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Troubles In Bellmount

with The Wild Rose Press

Miranda Albright looks forward to her new life as a college professor in bucolic Bellmount, Pennsylvania. Then she discovers a dead body in the woods. Now she's grappling with mystery, murder, and small town mayhem, along with her feelings for two very different men. And to top it all off, Miranda is psychic. Either that or she's going crazy. With the help of family and friends, Miranda delves deeper and deeper into local scandals and small town secrets. But powerful figures want to stop her. Now there's big trouble in little Bellmount and Miranda is in the thick of it...

The Curse of The Redhead

with The Wild Rose Press

When Bellmount's obnoxious sheriff is accused of a crime spree, psychic Dr. Miranda Albright reluctantly steps in. Friends and residents of the colorful small town are only too eager to help or hinder her quest for justice. Dead Santas don't make for a merry Christmas and the season is fast approaching. From holiday hijinks at a department store to sleuthing at a house of ill repute, Miranda follows the clues. Meantime, her relationship with the hunky Weston Westinghouse the Third continues to heat up. Until it doesn't. Now Miranda has two goals: finding a killer and convincing Weston they belong together.


The Purloined Prognoisticator

Coming 2024 with The Wild Rose Press

Western Pennsylvania boosts Bellmount Bob, The Most Accurate Prognosticator in the World, and Groundhog Day festivities have supercharged the state. Meanwhile, odd happenings are plaguing the small town. When West’s younger cousin and Bob go missing after the groundhog’s handler is murdered, four counties join in the search. Good thing Cindi Westinghouse leaves Miranda clues as to her whereabouts. Can Miranda and the gang find the medium with Down Syndrome before she freezes to death in the impending winter storm?

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