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The Duke Beneath Her Mistletoe

Pre-Order Today: Release Date December 18th
With The Wild Rose Press

Under royal command, William Harrington, the Duke of Astleyshire, investigates a notorious writer stirring up trouble among the lower classes. Never one to back down from a challenge, he also makes a bet to bed a known man-hating lady. There is no way Georgiana Eaton will spend another season paraded in front of the ton’s eligible bachelors. She has more important things to do, like secretly writing chapbooks that support workers’ rights. When a roguish duke invites himself to her family’s holiday celebrations at Trent Castle, Georgie fights back. Never mind their intense attraction, the duke and the lady despise each other. 

Believing that Winkentattle is one of Georgie’s brothers, a disgruntled William follows her to a protest where all hell breaks loose. Now William and Georgie must appease the Prince Regent, save themselves from the gallows, and make it back to Trent Castle before Twelfth Night.

The Earl Kisses A Thief

Pre-Order Today: Release Date December 21st
With Dancing Dog Books

Lady Evangeline Morgan escaped the lecherous marquess only to nearly meet her demise under the wheels of an arrogant gentleman’s carriage. 


The Earl of Trent has been determined to escape marriage, but the angelic-eyed beauty lingering in his thoughts detests him. Even more disconcerting, she is being chased by dangerous men. But, if Alistair can keep her safe, maybe he can convince her to warm his bed the way she heats his temper.


The Captain Beds His Spy

Pre-Order Today: Release Date December 28th
With Dancing Dog Books

Widowed American heiress, Madaline Spencer leaves behind her scandalous reputation to embrace the lavish life of British society. Love hits hard the second she meets the handsome war hero spending a week at her uncle’s estate. However, she is forbidden to go near the captain unless she agrees to spy on him. 

Captain Stephen Eaton always chooses duty over pleasure until he spends a sennight with a seductive beauty. How in deuces can he concentrate on his mission, or the nefarious plot against him, when she tempts him at every turn? 

When Stephen and Madaline embark on a cross-country trip, they must fight both their scorching chemistry and their enemies to clear the captain’s name and save him from the gallows.

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