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The Number One Way To Sell Your Book By Understanding Buyer Behavior

I am thrilled to have guest blogger, Julie Lokun, JD. Julie is my mentor and catalyst, encouraging me to share my stories with the world. She is a wealth of information and generous in imparting it to the world.



Calling all authors! Do you have a book? How do you sell your book? How can authors sell a book without spending a lot of money? Check out my favorite tips below!⬇

The Power of Our Presence For Authors: Our voices are meant to be heard. After lockdown, isolation, and the slow re-entry into “normalcy,” we, as authors, are being called on to the network and connect in person again. For many, this may be anxiety-inducing. Justifiably, the collective conditioning of the past two years has caused many to fear networking face-to-face. Recently, we published our latest book, Audiocasters: The Ultimate Guide to Podcasting. This thought-provoking paperback is one part brand development and podcasting guide and one part reflection on the power of podcasting. The moral of this story celebrates the power of our voices (through podcasting) to change the world. With the birth of this love child, we knew it was time to hit the ground running. We packed up our bags and hit the stage at PodFest in Orlando. As authors, we know the power of a handshake and inhabiting the same space with potential readers. We are certain that engaging with our audience is our biggest weapon in wrangling our way to the top of the charts. The easy part is writing the book; the hard part is keeping it alive… There is nothing more energizing than being in front of a like-minded audience who is ready and eager to hear your message. The icing on the cake is when your presentation generates a line of new super-fans who clamor to have your book signed. This is a cornerstone of building a relationship with your audience.

THE FORMULA: Quality Book + Eager Audience + Targeted Message = Exponential Growth The power of eye contact, a simple handshake, and a smile garner a connection that is indescribable. Many book marketing experts suggest that social media is the cornerstone of building an author’s brand. While social media is critical to building an online presence, ask yourself one question: When was the last time I bought a book because I saw it on Instagram? Diving deeper into buyer behaviors, the critical thing to remember is that you are creating a connection with your audience. We must get into the mind and spaces of our potential readers and solidify trust that the pages of our book will deliver substantial value. Buying behaviors can be categorized into four pillars:

  • The book fulfills a need

  • The book is purchased as a gift

  • The buyer knows the author

  • The book was recommended

These four buyer behaviors are inextricably linked to building relationships. Building brand recognition in person gives you, the author, a chance to leverage your expertise. If you are feeling a bit rusty, the gold standard in perfecting the art of speaking is Toastmasters. Toastmasters International is a nonprofit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs. Toastmasters’ chapters can be found throughout the country. They provide a safe space to polish your speaking skill set. As the brand ambassador of your book, you need to get in front of the masses. In order to get in front of your audience avatar, you must know who your reader is. Next, you need to do the research. Where can you find these readers? Here are some of our favorite places to get in front of readers (in person and virtual): Get Your Book Seen and Read! Local Library

  • Book Stores

  • Book Clubs

  • Coffee Shops

  • Conferences (i.e., Writer’s Digest Annual Conference)

  • Guest on Podcasts (Ask Us How)!

  • Start A Meet-Up Group

Finally: Take the initiative to pitch your book. Create an unforgettable speaker one-sheet. Get in front of anyone who will listen. This may sound overwhelming, and truth be told it is a lot of hustle and grind. The investment in carving out a path to presenting and networking will pay back in dividends. Get our book, BOOKCASTERS: An Author's Guide To Writing A Best-Selling Book Here

About The Author: Julie Lokun, JD Founder Of The Mediacasters

Julie Lokun, JD, is the founder of The Mediacasters, a mission-based company that elevates the visibility of entrepreneurs and creatives through podcasting, publishing, and public speaking. Julie is the author of 4 best-selling entrepreneurial books and hosts three podcasts.

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