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Author of Women's Fiction, Sexy Mysteries, Romance, and Humor.

Nicki Pascarella

Praise for Nicki


“StumpStrong, Strength In Roots, is the PERFECT beach read…funny, witty, and indulgent.  A five-star book we are obsessed with!” – Obsessed podcast

"Pascarella has a dynamite series in the Miranda Albright, Ph. D books. These books are for the reader who wants it all - mystery mixed with humor, topped with steamy romance. Her small town is full of quirky characters the reader will never forget."  - Marilyn Barr, author of the Strawberry Shifters series

“Pascarella's writing style takes you to a town that we all want to live in with its modern yet neighborly feel.”  – Jennifer Peer, author of The Last Bloom

“Nicki Pascarella is a fresh and fun new voice in women's fiction. Her debut novel, StumpStrong, will have you commiserating with Patti as she faces some serious struggles and laughing out loud as she looks at life through a humorous lens.” – Paula K. Niziolek, author of Dear Diary: Leoma Dallas Simmons

“TROUBLES IN BELLMOUNT by Nicki Pascarella is a charming murder mystery with an endearing female protagonist, who much like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, realizes that what is most important to her was right in front of her all along.  Miranda Albright, PhD is brought to life through solid first-person narration, well-crafted dialogue, and detailed description. " -D.S. Marquis, author of Of School and Women.

“Pascarella has a way of weaving a story that keeps you turning the pages to discover more.” -Corinna Bellizzi, Podcaster and Social Activist

"The world-building in this story was incredible and the characters jumped off the page. This is a short, fiery little read and worth every second spent lost in the pages. Five stars!!" -Author, D.M. Grant

"This novella was fun, fast-paced, and sexy as hell....Thanks for showing me all the perks of reading a novella, Nicki...."- Reviewer, Smutty Book Reviews