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Patricia Moore is coming of age; too bad it involves perimenopausal horrors. Patti’s life has plummeted to sewage depository levels. Her ex-husband has new muscles and a new girlfriend, her daughter is away at college, her boss is an evil witch, and fantasies about her young psychotherapist make her behave like a hormonal college girl. After Patti is assaulted by one of her alternative education students, the discovery of old cassette tapes retelling the story of her Grandfather’s saga as a POW in World War ll give her the strength to dig herself out of the depths of depression, discover her inner sexy, and tell her boss to go to hell. StumpStrong is an epistolary tale of first loves, second chances, and finding strength in roots. 

Troubles In Bellmount: A Miranda Albright PH.D. Mystery


Releasing this winter with The Wild Rose Press

Stay Tuned for the official release date

I am Dr. Miranda Albright, and my life as a college professor should be perfect. Unfortunately, I keep stumbling over corpses, and rumors and romance often toss hand grenades at me. My troubles started when I moved into my aunt’s Victorian Inn and found a corpse in the woods. When law enforcement accused the wrong person of murder, I told them they made a mistake. I didn’t intend to go to war with the most important men in town. Since then, I have become a walking scandal.

Once an honor student ruled by common sense, my psychic abilities have turned me into a risk-taker who attracts trouble like little boys attract dirt. No matter how many times I get beat up, humiliated, and threatened, Bellmount, Pennsylvania, is going to learn the truth and bring justice to that murdered woman. Rest assured, I won’t stop until I solve my mystery.

Dry Roses and Diary
The Curse of The Redhead: A Miranda Albright, Ph.D. Mystery

Coming Soon
Dry Roses and Diary
The Purloined Prognosticator: A Miranda Albright, Ph.D. Mystery 

Coming Soon
Dry Roses and Diary
Steamy Cairo Nights

Coming Soon with The Wild Rose Press

Dry Roses and Diary
In Love With My Djinn

A Romantic Comedy

Books I Have Collaborated On

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The Write Stuff
By Julie Lokun JD and Nicki Pascarella

Coming Jan 2022


Let Media Queens Jules and Nicki help you write and publish your book. This manuscript may be used alone or as a companion to The Write Stuff Workshops

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Obsessed with Mindful Eating

By Tia Morell

Amazon #1 best seller in Nutrition

Holistic Nutritionist, Tia Morell, shows you how to be more mindful with your nutrition. With her gentle approach, she provides tips and advice to help you develop a more heart-centered philosophy.

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Hustle Smart: The Ultimate Guide for New Entrepreneurs
By Julie Lokun, JD

Amazon #1 Best Seller

Coach Jules provides a step-by-step guide showing you how to turn your side hustle into a thriving business.


Hustle Smart

The Coaches Edition

By: Julie Lokun, JD

Coach Jules gives you everything you need to know to make your coaching business a success.

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Chasing Vegan
Baking Vegan Fun by Award-winning Baker, Mika Altidor

Award-winning Baker, Mika Altidor shows you how to make delicious vegan baked goods.